Today Is Which Day of Valentine Week 2024: Love Week List

how to celebrate valentine week 2024
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7 Days of Valentine Week 2024: From Rose Day to Valentine Day

Do you want to know today is which day of valentine week? Are you looking forward to celebrating the love week? This post gives you the best answers. Here is a full calendar of valentine day week list 2024. The month of February brings lots of speculations for the young love birds all across the world. However, the day is also celebrated by everyone to show their love to their dear ones.

If you have broken up with your dear one, here is the best time to patch up. Valentine week is not only for young lovers. Friends and relatives worldwide wish each other love and care. Lots of roses, balloons, and heart-shaped gifts are exchanged by people. The 14th of February is also preceded by 7 beautiful days of fun and affection. Beginning with the rose day, the week gives you a full week-long journey of fun-filled moments.

valentine week 2024 full list

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San Valentine Day Week Full List 2024

Check today is which day of valentine week by using our love week calendar. The list shows you days and dates of the rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, hug day, promise day, and kiss day. Our website also presents awesome romantic valentine msg for husband. Married couples can also rekindle the flame of love in their relationship by sharing cute valentine week messages. Our website gives you a deep peek into the 7 days of valentine week.

How To Celebrate Valentine Week 2024

Are you not sure about how to celebrate valentine week 2024? Its simple and cute. Though much depends upon your own preferences, there are definite ways. While you always cannot meet your loved one, you can always send them cute gifts and roses to express your love and care.

Valentine Week List Date Celebrations
Rose Day 7th February Red rose for beloved
Propose Day 8th February Propose and gift rings
Chocolate Day 9th February Gift Chocolates
Teddy Day 10th February Gift Teddy or soft toy
Promise day 11th February Make promises
Hug day 12th February Exchange hugs
Kiss day 13th February Exchange kisses
Valentine Day 14th February Gift flowers, chocolates,
balloons etc.

Anti Valentine Week After 14th February 2024

You must be surprised to know that some people also observe anti valentine week. Many singles do not celebrate valentine week as they do not have a partner. The anti valentine week begins from 15th of February. If too much of love is making you sick, have fun with this anti-valentines week calendar. Here is a full anti-valentine week list 2024.

15th February 2024 Slap Day
16th February 2024 Kick Day
17th February 2024 Perfume Day
18th February 2024 Flirting Day
19th February 2024 Confession Day
20th February 2024 Missing Day
21st February 2024 Breakup Day

After going through today is which day of valentine week, you would be amused to see the list of anti valentine week 2024.

Anti Valentine Day 15th February 2024

Here we will show you what is kick day, what is flirting day, and what is breakup day. We have also explained the meanings of slap day, the meaning of missing day, and confession day.

Singles do not need to get disturbed by the fact that they are not part of the love week celebration. The same is followed by anti-valentine week and singles can celebrate it.

What is Kick Day

Kick day is all about kicking out all the negative thoughts from your mind. The anti valentine week begins with the slap day on 15th of February. The first day after the 14th February is also known as anti valentine day.

Confession Day

On the confession day, confess to someone whom you have hurt. You can confess your wrongdoings to the Almighty or to your friends. Accept your mistakes and confess them to yourself to move ahead with all positive attitudes.

Missing day

29th February is the missing day and signifies missing your special ones.  This day is to remember the people whom you miss in your life. Not everyone stays with us forever. No matter how far you go, you miss the wonderful times you have spent with them. Wish happy missing day to your friends whom you miss a lot.

Breakup Day

Breakup day is important if you think your relationship is not working out. There is no point in continuing if it is not working out properly. If you are in a toxic relationship, just break-up and give a new start to your life. Perfume day is the best time to spread fragrance of positive thoughts. Positive and motivational thoughts play important role in our life. Give a gift of perfume to someone whom you want to inspire.

Flirting Day

The flirting day is all about making pranks and flirting with your friends. If you have not found your love partner, get together with your friends for parties. Singles to have their time and celebrations are not just for the love birds.

Many of us think that anti valentine day and week is negative and refers to hatred. Basically, it is about the fun that singles can have without a partner. If lovers can have fun, friends can also have their fun-filled week. This post not only tells you today is which day of valentine week but also the days of anti-valentine week.

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