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long distance relationship quotes
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Long Distance Love Messages Status for Modern Day Distant Friendships

The modern-day long distance relationship quotes collection is shared here. Distance relationship friendships are quite common today. With couples living far away from each other, sharing ldr quotes is the best way to keep the spark alive in the relations. No matter how far couples live, their hearts remain united. Here we have shared some beautiful long distance love messages and status. also share special long distance relationship quotes to share in the month of love. The world celebrates love in the month February but we all know that love has no season. The person whom we love lives in our mind and our heart for every single moment. Thinking about someone passionately may not be enough. Express your love to your long distance friends or relations.

Long Distance Love Quotes For Him

Do you live apart from your boyfriend or your husband? Needless to say, you miss him day and night. Psychologists say that expressing your feelings is the best way you can keep your relations healthy. Express yourself in words that speak exactly what you feel.  We are sure you would love to share these heart touching long distance relationship quotes with your special one.

As long as I live, you are right here with me in spirit

Distance is must to realize how truly you are in love with the person

Miles and time has nothing to do with the love and trust

Love can bridge an infinite number of miles and years between two people

True love will wait no matter how long and in what situation

The day I will see you again will be the best day of my life

My love will go through painful distances without losing its way

Living apart never means living without loving you

Moon is not very far and still we love the moon

Your absence is an inferno but still all the memories are fresh

I cannot hold you in my arms but all your smiles are on my lips

I still do smile without you whenever I think of you

Talking to you just for a few minutes makes my day beautiful for every minute

Every minute my heart beats for the moment when I will be able to talk to you and see you again

I never mind the distances but your presence in my life is something I cannot live without

The moment I reminded of the increased distances between us, he left and made it sure

You do not need roads to cover the distances between two hearts

Living without you is the biggest test I can go through

I am very impatient but waiting for you is something  I will always do

Surviving long distance relationship quotes are beautiful lines to express your feelings when you are missing your dearest person. You can also send these lines as good night messages for him using WhatsApp status update or Facebook.

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LDR Quotes for Her to Show How Deeply You Miss Her

How you will tell your girlfriend or wife that you are missing her too much. When you are miles apart from your loved one or better half, you surely miss her. We have penned these lines to show your longing and love for her.

Thinking of you and missing you every moment I live. Waiting for the day when you will be in my arms once again

Distance is just a road that leads to love even stronger. Miss you sweetheart

Love you more than the earth loves the moon. Miss you even more than the stars in the sky. No matter how far you are, my love is more than it was in the moment that just passed.

Your beautiful talks and your silly sweet fights. Your smiles and your lovely care are keeping me happy even when you are not with me

This distance has surely told me how incomplete I feel when I am away from your magical presence

Until you moved away from me, I never realized how your presence had filled my life with happiness and smiles

Talking to you for a few minutes is the biggest happiness of my lonely life

I may not be alone but no one can ever replace your sparkling presence. miss you

Having this great distance between us hurts a lot but it will hurt me even more if you are not present in my life

I might not be your first choice. But I am the one whom you loved and missed me to the moon and back

The moment when you made me feel special with your love is still the best moment of my life

These moments of bereavement will surely turn into the times when we will be talking once again like before

When you are not living together, you need to make some efforts to let the person know that you still have the same feelings. Sometimes you need to tell the person by messaging or calling that your feelings are as strong as they were when you were close. Distance friendships have their own special beauty. We have tried our best to capture the love and longing in these quotes for ldr.

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All of us go through difficult times in life when we feel bereaved. In modern days when friendships are common between persons living miles away, these long distance relationship quotes will do magic. If you think, your distance friendship is lacking some spark, relive your old memories by sending these long distance love messages to your loved one.   These quotes about long distance and trust will surely help you to retain the same magic in your relations.

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