100 Love Smile Quotes to Bring Sparkles on Someones Face

cute love smile quotes
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Most Beautiful Keep Smiling Quotes about Smile and Love

A stunning collection of love smile quotes to bring smile on the faces of people you love. A single and small frown on the face of the person whom we love is enough to upset us. Why not send cute quotes for your boyfriend to make him smile. The collection also shares I love your smile quotes for her.

Spread smiles and bring happiness in the world with your inspiring love smile quotes. Smile is one of the most adorable curves in the human body. A smile can wash off all the misunderstandings and distresses. Social media messaging apps today let us share lovely smile quote sayings and caption for smile. Sharing a simple line can motivate your friends to smile and be happy.

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I Love Your Smile Quotes for Him | Her

We wish these I like your smile quotes will help you make your loved one happy. Sharing smileys and smile emoji is a normal thing while chatting. If you know that your dear one is very sad, share these lovely love smile quotes for boyfriend and girlfriend.

Your beautiful smile is like lovely dew drops on the flowers

always keep smiling my love

I love to see you the most when you smile

I want to be with you the most when you are sad

to bring those cute curves back on your lips

Your eyes, your smile and your love

they are priceless

always keep smiling my dear

Your one smile is worth millions of diamonds

always keep smiling

When you are sad, I miss you

and your smiles miss you too

No wealth in this world is as good as your cute smile

I love your smile more than you coz I get scared when you do not smile

Missing your cute smile on your beautiful lips

The only thing that I love you more than you is your smile. Always keep smiling dear

Time may and you may not love me the way you do now. But never stop smiling.

No matter wherever I am, your lovely smiles are always in my mind and my thoughts

If you want peace, keep smiling

A smile is a powerful way of spreading happiness and peace among all

A smile and you will win millions of hearts

I know you through your smile. It takes me straight into your heart and soul

I can understand that you are sad and angry. But I just want to see your teeth dear.

I am the happiness person when you smile. but I am the luckiest person when I am the reason behind it.

Smile is a nature‛s gift. If you can smile without reason just to make someone happy and comfortable, you have won the world

It is okay if you do not have earth-shaking talents. If you can curve your lips to create lovely smile, you are powerful

Someone smiles and you smile back. That is how the world is such a beautiful place to live in

A single message from you brings smile on my face and that is how you make my day

Romantic Shayari on Cute Smile and Eyes

It is very easy to fall in love with lovely couplets or four-liners known as shayari. This popular form of poetry quickly wins millions of hearts. It express love, pain, care, and passion in a very beautiful as well as poignant manner.


तेरी मुस्कराहट मेरी अँधेरी रातों की रौशनी है

तेरी आँखों का उजाला सूरज का एक और नाम है

तू दूर है या पास, तेरा हंसना सदा मेरे साथ है


तू पास नहीं तो क्या गम है

तू हंसती रहे वही मेरे इश्क़ की जरुरत है


तेरा बातें करना और हलके से मुस्कुराना

इतना ही चाहा था हमने नजराना


तू एक बार मुस्कुरा कर जो बात कर ले

मेरी सारी परेशानियों का वजूद मिटा दे


एक मुस्कान तेरे होठो की

जैसे घने बादलों में बिजली की तरह

मेरे सारे गम को पल में जलाये राख की तरह


न मेरा प्यार, न तेरा साथ

तेरी मुस्कान से ज्यादा जरुरी

इस जहाँ में कुछ भी नहीं


तेरा आँखें मुझे हर पल देखती है जैसे

इसलिए खुद को इतना संवारा करते है अक्सर


सरगम की मिठास रहे जुबां पर

आँखों में हंसी के बादल रहे

मेरे प्यार के चेहरे पर

बस ख़ुशी और ख़ुशी रहे


तेरी आँखों में एक झलक देखी थी कभी

धुंधली ही सही

मेरे प्यार की तस्वीर मुस्कुराई थी कभी


न कोई आता है न हंसी रहती है

मेरे होठों पर बस तेरा ही नाम रहता है

Famous Caption for Smile to Share with your Friends

Do you want to upload smile status or caption for smile to make your friends happy? Here are some one-liners you can simply copy and paste in your devices.

I love the way you smile, only if you can smile

Sometimes you just need to smile and everything is perfect

Do not look for perfect things. Look for things that make you happy

Dare to smile even when pain is killing your heart

When you smile, your heart will feel it

Keep smiling if you want to fight your odds with courage

Smiling in every situation is what makes you soldier without fighting wars

Smile at once and you will win at once

We are sure you loved the above captions and love smile quotes. These I love to see you smile quotes will not only inspire you but also the people who read them. Use these cute quotes to make your boyfriend or girlfriend smile. Do browse our website to know beautiful love quotes and long distance relationship quotes.

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