When is Slap Day 2024: Happy Slap Day Date

happy slap day 2021 images wishes
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Happy Slap Day Images, Status and Quotes Funny

Here is everything you want to know about what is slap day 2024 and why it is celebrated. The national slap day is observed in different regions on different dates. Many countries celebrate it on the 15th of February immediately after the valentines day. The slap day date also falls in the month of October which is celebrated mostly in the United States and other western countries. Here we talk about the day that comes next to the 14th of February month.

happy slap day 2021 images wishes quotes

anti valentine week 2023

The day has many different names and versions like slap ass day, slap your annoying co-worker day, and slap your tallest friend day. It is not any traditional festival followed by any culture or region. It is a modern-day observation invented by the young generation. It is mostly about singles that can open up about their frustration and tells the world to accept them as nicely as the couples and lovers. This post gives you information on slap day 2023 that falls on 15th February and also marks the start of the week after 14th February.

Slap Day Date 2024: Week After 14th February 2024

Valentine week is one of the most loved 7 days of the world. However, there are always exceptions. If you are too young or not ready to mingle, slap day is for you. Those who are singles and not interested in valentines day, have invented the entire week for them. This week starts immediately after the valentine week gets over. It is known as after valentine week. Once the couples are done with their celebration, the singles get ready for their special days of February month.

The slap day date is on 15th February 2024, Monday. Here are some funny slap day images and quotes for the singles. This slap day is purely for fun moments to share with your friends. We recommend you to just celebrate it with your close friends by exchanging funny slap day quotes, status, and images. Many countries celebrate national slap day during the month of October which is popular as slap ass day. Many just wish happy slap day to each other or their co-workers.

Happy Slap Day 2024 Images Whatsapp Status Pictures

Here is a collection of funny slap day images and slap day status that you can share with your single friends. Please do not slap literally anyone on this day. Just share this status on WhatsApp and forget about it the very next day.

Slap is not about hitting someone

it is about learning from the lessons of life

Certain slaps on our face happen because the kisses will follow soon

The best line a best friend can every say-

I will give you one slap if you ever thank me again.

If you cannot hug, do not slap

Sometimes I need a slap to get back to work

Happy slap day to those who never used to get up without a slap from parents

The biggest slap you can give to your enemies is your smile and your success

Some slaps are slaps; some are hi-five on your face

Stay tuned. Karma can slap anyway

I feel restless to slap you coz you are too much for me to handle

Slap Day Meaning in Hindi

Many of us get frustrated in our workplace, due to annoying co-workers. Wish happy slap day to your most annoying colleague and vent out your frustration. Slap day date 2024 is 15th February just after you have finished sharing valentine status.

Well, if you know Hindi and movie buff; here is something interesting for you. We all know the slap day meaning in Hindi is the day of the thappad or chanta or tamacha. There are many interesting dialogues in Hindi movies penned focussing on thappad. Here are some of the funny slap day status and dialogues from Bollywood movies.

थप्पड़ से डर नहीं लगता साब

प्यार से लगता है

प्यार से दे रहे है रख लो

वर्ना थप्पड़ मार कर भी दे सकते है

एक थप्पड़ खानी

मूँह पर बारह बज जानी

पांच उँगलियों से पड़ता है तमाचा

जिनके पड़ते ही बन जाता है तमाशा

ताली दो हांथो से बजती  है

एक हाथ से तो सिर्फ तमाचा पड़ता है

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Do not get confused about the national slap ass day and national slap your annoying colleague day. The national slap ass month day is also celebrated on the 23rd of October which is the most popular slap day. 15th February or the first day of the anti-valentine week is yet another popular slap day. Hence, the slap day and the national slap ass day are different. You can also use these images on national slap your co-worker day. Do share these funny happy slap day images with your funny friends for ROFL moments. The 15th of February is the day celebrated by the singles after the love week is over. The week has many days like breakup day, perfume day, missing day, flirting day, confession day, and kick day.

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