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Best Valentines Day Poems Quotes for New Relationship

Find a beautiful collection of valentines day poems for wishing a happy valentines day to your sweetheart. 14th February is a very special day for all the lovers and couples across the world. When it comes to sending wishes to the most special person, you need beautiful words. Poetry is one of the best ways to say what you feel. Poems have helped people in expressing their feelings. The day of love and romance gives the opportunity to express your profound love for someone we love. This post provides beautiful romantic poems about love.

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The collection also contains some lines that are suitable to use as valentines day poems for friends. If you are looking for beautiful valentine day songs and lines, this is the right place. Images and visuals are the most popular things on social media. Do spare some time to browse our website and find stunning lovers day images. If you are single and want to have fun with your friends, find funny valentines day memes on our website. Thevalentineweeklist.com offers everything people look for on the 14th day of February month.

Valentines Day Poems for Lovers | Husband and Wife

Love is the pillar of every marital relation. There is no relation as intimate as of the relationship you share with your spouse. Years of togetherness and unconditional support, care, and love results in strong bonding between the wife and the husband. Here we have shared valentine poems that husbands and wives can use to share with each other. You can also send these romantic lines to your beloved.  

Roses are red violets are blue valentines day poems are very popular among the lovers and partners. But we are bringing our own unique valentines day lines for your loved ones.

Life was very harsh on me until I met you

there were moments and there were years

but my heart was all alone missing something very special

As my eyes saw you on the day we met for the first time

my heart and my soul felt fulfilled for the first-ever time

And I knew that you are that special someone I will be loving for all my life

Happy valentines day my sweetheart

You Are A Dream Woven into My Heart and Soul

If I could know how to paint, my best picture would be you

If I could sing, my very first song would be you,

If I could ever become a diamond, you would be the shine inside me

I know I am not lucky enough to be with you

And this love of mine is a dream for the world and for you

But my heart knows only one reality and that is you

No matter how far you are from me

your face is always in my eyes and I can see you in every beautiful ting of this world

When I am weak, I find solace in the memories of the time we spent together

When I feel strong, I know you have inspired me.

Thank you for being my valentine and

wishing you a very happy valentines day my love

Be My Valentine For Now and For Always

For me, your smiles are diamonds

your eyes are the stars and the moon in my night sky

your tender heart always gentle and caring

is the most priceless thing in this world

The only place where I belong to

are your beautiful arms

As I think of you, I know I have got the best person in the world

Be My Valentine Now and Forever

Valentines Day Lines for Friends | Poems About Love

As the world celebrates this beautiful day of love, let your friends know how much you love them. There are friends who are very special and very close to our heart. Wish the happy valentines day with these lovely wordings and poems about love.

Let the world celebrate love

For me, our friendship is the biggest treasure

With you as my friend

I know I am the richest person in the world

No matter if I lose all my riches

your everlasting support and love is always with me

I have said it many times and say it once again

you are the reason behind my smiles and my success.

Happy valentines day to my dearest friend

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Romantic Valentine Day Kavita Poem in Hindi

We all love to express our feelings through Shayari, songs, and kavita or poem. Whether the poem is a small couplet or four-liners or a long one, the spirit is what we love. Here we have shared best valentine day Kavita or poem in Hindi to say that you love and care.

मेरे प्यार का वजूद इतना कमजोर नहीं

की फासले इसे मिटा सके

दिन साल और महीने का मोहताज नहीं

इसे वक़्त भी कहाँ पा सके

में दूर हु तुझसे मगर

दिल फिर भी तेरे सब से करीब है

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तू जहाँ भी है, तेरी ख़ुशी हमारी सबसे बड़ी मिलकियत है

सारे जहाँ से बढ़ कर मेरे लिए तेरी शख्सियत है

काश तुझे बता पाते की दिल कितना बेताब है

लगता है हर घडी तू आस पास है

जिसके पायल की खनक ने

मेरे खालीपन को सजा दिया

उस बेनमून हस्ती को आज

प्यार का पैगाम दिया

Be my valentine 

गर बेपनाह से बढ़कर भी कोई अलफ़ाज़ होता

तो तुम्हे बता पाते की दिल कितना चाहता है

चाहता है तेरे करीब रहना

तुझ से ही तेरी बातें करना

झूठ मुठ का शिकवा कर के

एक लम्हे में हज़ार बार मनाना

happy valentines day my love

में साँस हूँ तो तू धड़कन है

हम दोनों जैसे एक ही ज़िन्द के हिस्से है

कभी आधा अधूरा सा लगे तुझे

तो हमारी ही खैरियत पूछ लेना

Happy valentines day मेरी जान

इश्क़ की कहानियां अक्सर अधूरी रहती है

ये वो दास्ताँ है जो अक्सर दर्द की स्याही से लिखी जाती है

यहां किसी को कुछ मिलता नहीं

खोने पाने के हिसाब से इश्क़ जुड़ता नहीं

तभी तो सबसे जुदा होते है सच्चे इश्क़ के किस्से और कहानिया

We are sure you loved the collection of valentines day poems for husband and would definitely share them. Love knows no barriers of caste, creed, and religion. Wishing love is simple regardless of the language if you have the right kind of poems about love. Also, have a look at our collection of valentines day shayari in Hindi.

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