Funny Anti Valentines Day Quotes Images: Anti Valentine Week List 2024

Anti Valentine Week 2024
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Days After Valentine Week 2024: Week After 14th February

The love week is just gone and it’s time for anti valentines day and after valentine week 2024. This post shares a complete list of anti-valentine week list 2024 from slap day to break up the day or from 15th February to 21st February 2024. When couples can celebrate for an entire week, why should singles leg behind? Get ready for the breakup day, slap day, missing day, flirting day, confession day, kick day, and perfume day. the post also offers after valentine week quotes, images, status, and messages.

Young lovers and couples celebrate valentine week with great fervour. The singles and bachelors without any partner feel disappointed during this week. Hence, they have invented anti-valentines day and anti-valentine week for their fun. The anti valentines day memes will be making rounds on the internet and singles will party a lot. They celebrate their status and proclaim that they have equal rights to have fun and celebrations. When lovers can dance why not singles? That is the motto of after valentine week which begins after 14th February 2023. The days are beautiful and also give wonderful messages to us.

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List of After Valentine Week Days – From Slap Day to Breakup Day

Here is a complete list of all the days of the anti-valentine week. If you are a group of friends who are yet to tie a knot, have an anti valentines day party to have fun. You will also find lots of memes and anti valentines day card messages on the internet and greeting card websites.

15th February 2024, Thursday Slap Day  
16th February 2024, Friday Kick Day  
17th February 2024, Saturday Perfume Day  
18th February 2024, Sunday Flirting Day  
19th February 2024, Monday Confession Day  
20th February 2024, Tuesday   Missing Day  
21st February 2024, Wednesday   Breakup Day

Anti Valentines Day Quotes Memes Wishes

15th February is celebrated as anti-valentines day by those who do not wish to fall in love and enjoy being single. Being single is always fun whether you are a boy or a girl. When you are single, there are no worries and responsibilities. There is no stress of running a household or having children. There is no place for silly fights, breakups, and patch-ups.

anti valentines day images singles day

Breakup Day Date 2024 Shayari for Singles

If you have just broken up with your love partner, do not be sad. Enjoy your current status of being single and live life worry-free.

Read these breakup day quotes and shayari and find solace. Every stage in life has its own pros and cons. No matter what is your status right now, focus on its pros and enjoy it at its full glory.

When you entered I was happy

now when you have left I am happier

Being single is not funny

it is the biggest fun

Happy singes day and  happy break up day to all those who are better off

Life is not all about love and romance. It has many other treasures

Life does not belong only to the lovers. Singles have equal rights over parties and fun

Happy breakup day and good wishes for finding a new partner

Lovers who have just broken up with their partners also celebrate this day. The breakup day is the last day of the anti valentine week and falls on the 21st of February every year. Break up is a sad thing but it can also be a new beginning of a new journey. Whether you are single or broken or yet to fall in love, there is no need to feel sad. Live life fully and enjoy anti valentines day party with your single friends.

Happy Slap Day 2024 Images Quotes Wishes

Slap day is the very first day of the anti valentine week. We have published a separate post on slap day and it will surely interest you. The day is a fun day invented by the singles who do not have fun during valentines week.

The day also signifies learning from the lessons life gives us. Slap is sometimes a lovely gesture by parents and friends. When someone learns a lesson or gains valuable experience, it is also known as a slap. Share these lovely images with your friends just for fun.  We have shared many funny slap day status and images in our separate posts dedicated to this day.

The internet is flooded with anti valentines day jokes and anti valentines day images on the 15th of Feb. This after valentine week is just a modern-day observation invented for the singles and all those who are without a love partner or spouse. If you are single, we wish you a pleased singles day and anti valentines day 2024.

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