Best Valentine Day SMS in Hindi for Girlfriend and Friends

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Happy Valentines Day SMS Messages for 14th February Lovers Day

A stunning collection of short and long valentine day SMS is shared here in Hindi, English, Bengali, and Marathi. Remember those days when SMS were extremely popular as social media platforms were not in vogue. Though we all love WhatsApp and Facebook messengers, mobile SMS is still enjoying certain popularity. If you are out of network service or not having good access, you can still wish your friends by sending valentine SMS quotes.

This post shares lovely one-liner and two-liner messages that you can share with your friends as well as boyfriend and girlfriend. With easy and far-reaching internet access, messaging apps like WhatsApp and skype have efficiently replaced the traditional SMS mobile service. However, if many remote regions still face quick accessibility to the internet connection. Under such circumstances, mobile messaging still wins. SMS is native to all brands of mobile devices regardless of the operating system and network type. When you do not have any data solution, SMS service is the best option. Users can also use these valentine day SMS messages to send them via email or WhatsApp messages.

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SMS Messages with Images for Wishing Everyone Happy Valentines Day

It is time to wish everyone a very happy valentines day. Wish love and care to your dear friends and family members.

No word and no picture in this world can tell you how deep is my love for you. Still I cannot resist wishing you love and care

Love is a lifelong promise of unconditional love and friendship, and respect.

Loving you is the biggest love of my life. Thinking of you is my pleasure and my blessing.

When you feel no one is with you, do remember your friends. Friendship is the biggest love of the world.

Love is all you need when you are in the darkest stage of your life. May you find the love you want in your life

Wishing you love and affection of your dear ones and lots of smiles and fun on this day

Special Lines for 14th February Lovers Day

Wishing a big Hi to all the Hindi language lovers. Send valentine SMS in Hindi to your lovers with romantic and beautiful wording. People also send love Shayari in Hindi and Urdu to express their love in a poetic way.

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Best lines for happy valentines day 2021

तेरी याद दुआ से कम नहीं लगती

जितनी दूर जाना चाहू तू दिल के और पास रहती

 तेरे ख़्वाबों का करम है ये की हम ज़िंदा है तेरे बगैर

तू नहीं पास मगर दिल किसी को याद नहीं करता तेरे बगैर

valentines day sms in hindi shayari


माना के तेरा नाम नहीं मेरी लकीरों में

तुझे चाहने से मुझे कोई कमी नहीं रोक सकती


ये मेरा हुनर है की दिल बस तुझे चाहता है

ये तेरी फितरत है की नजरअंदाज करता है मुझे


मेरी चाहत के दरमियान कुछ भी नहीं

न मेरी कमियां न तेरी नफरत और न दुनिया के उसूल

valentines day lines

Valentines Day Quotes in Gujarati SMS Shayari

The Gujarati language has many rich gazals and Shayari. Wish your Gujarati friends in their language and make their day special. It will be fun to wish people of Gujarat in their mother tongue.

Keep following us to find lovely valentine day SMS Bangla, Marathi, Gujarati and other regional languages.

મારો પ્રેમ શબ્દો માં કેમ કરી વ્યક્ત કરવો

વર્ષો ના આંસુઓ ને સ્યાહી માં કેમ કરી ઢાળવા

જયારે આ લખ્યું ત્યારે ઘણું બધું કહેવું હશે

પણ તારી નઝર પડે ને મારા શબ્દો ને આત્મા મળે

હવે શું કેવું ને શું ના કેવું

આ પ્રીત ની ચપળતા છે જે આંગળીના ટેરવે બેઠી છે

તને ગમે તો વાચાળ છે ને તને ના ગમે તો નિશબ્દ

પ્રેમ ને સીમાડા ના નડ્યા તો રિવાજ કેમ નડે

સ્નેહ ની ભાષા અલગ સાવ સ્પર્શ ને ના અડે

Love knows no barriers of language, caste, and creed. Wish your love happy 14th February in their favourite way. Thevalentineweeklist brings stunning collection of valentine day SMS messages and valentines day poems for friends as well as shayari. Keep in tuned with us to get the romantic love shayari in Hindi for girlfriend.

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