What is Valentines Day History and How it Started

valentines day history
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History of Valentine Day

Do you want to know valentines day history? We all love to celebrate valentine day on the day of 14th February. Currently, the day is celebrated as lovers day or the day of love. Little the world knows about the origination of this celebration. Since thevalentineweeklist.com is dedicated to the lovers day, we would love to discuss history as well. Do spare some time to learn what is st. valentine day and what is the story of valentine day celebration.

The whole world celebrates 14th February as the day of love. The meaning of valentine means someone whom you love with all your heart and soul. Valentine is someone with whom you want to live for all your life. The heart-shaped balloons, romance, and chocolates are just the symbols of celebrations. But we all know, love is all about sacrifice, commitment, and caring. Here we have focused on the history of valentines day.

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What is St. Valentines Day and Story Behind 14th February

Valentines day history is still mysterious to the world. There are various historical stories about this day of romance. The most popular one and considered to be the nearest to the truth is about St. Valentine. According to a popular myth, St. Valentine was a Catholic priest during the ancient Roman Empire. The name of the Saint was either Valentine or Valentinus. The priest was serving during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. The emperor then thought that marriages and love make men weak. Hence, he banned marriages to make strong solder without families. St. Valentine was against this injustice and protested against this law which outlawed marriages for young men. The priest was helping people to get married secretly. When the emperor discovered this, he ordered death punishment for St. Valentine on the day of 14th February. Since then, the day is being celebrated as valentine day. Click here to know the full February days list 2020.

There are other similar theories about the story of St. Valentine. According to one story, the imprisoned Valentine was in love with a young lady and sent her a love letter from the prison and wrote “from your valentine”. Though the stories behind the 14th February celebration are still confused, the day is now popular as the day of romance and love. Young lovers and married couples celebrate it to confess and express their love for each other.

valentines day history

Origin of Valentine Week

The concept of valentine day celebration is now further extended to a full week. The week starting from 7th February ending wit 14th February is known as valentine week. There is no history behind the celebration of the valentine week as it is completely a modern concept. The urban world strongly believes in gifting to express feelings and emotions.

The gift vendors and marketers took advantage of the gifting tradition. The full valentine week is mostly marked by different gift items like teddy and chocolate. The high commercialization of the 14th February gave birth to the valentine week.

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Later on, the haters of the lovers day or the singles floated the concept of the anti-valentine week. That is how we have valentine week and post valentine week. You can learn more about this day from wikepedia.

We are sure you liked our observations on valentines day history and how the urban world celebrates the love week. Browse our website to get the best valentines day quotes with images.

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